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Welcome to Rhino USA!

When it comes to the prepaid industry, many refer to Rhino as the birthplace of innovation and the incubator of new ideas. With this forward thinking attitude, coupled with several strategic alliances that Rhino has formed with Vendors, Service Providers, Carriers and MVNO's, Rhino is rapidly becoming the platform of choice for Dealers, Master Distributors, POSA's, ISO's or others needing their own Private Label disbursement platform.

If you are an existing Dealer, Master Distributor, POSA, or ISO, or interested in becoming one, we would like to encourage you to consider joining the Rhino family. Why? It's simple. We are committed to providing you with the most leading-edge, technologically-advanced business model in the industry that is teeming with products and services to give you the greatest opportunity for success. Rhino doesn't offer you just a place to purchase your monthly refills, Rhino offers you a complete business solution to expand your product and service distribution.

At this point, we have not given you enough information for you to make an informed decision. So, continue reading below, and we think that you will see the wisest decision you could make concerning your business would be to join the Rhino family.


Have you ever considered expanding you business into the non-traditional cell phone channels

Well Now You Can ...
Rhino has developed this exciting new Kiosk opportunity that makes it easy and inexpensive for Dealers to expand their business into other non-traditional channels such as C-Stores, grocery stores, hardware stores and any number of other existing businesses.

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The Rhino three network cell phone display will create a “WOW” effect that will grab the attention of your customers. You will 􀃶nd there’s no better way to merchandise your phones, while at the same time, highlighting the features, bene􀃶ts and available plans.

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Partnered Master Distributor Program

As we continue our expansion throughout the United States, Rhino is seeking to create working partnerships with existing and successful dealers. Rhino is seeking new partners with an already proven track record within the wireless industry that possess a burning desire to grow beyond their existing retail business and expand their opportunities and possibilities

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Safelink Wireless

Rhino USA is now a Safelink Master Distributor. Safelink Wireless is a Lifeline program that enables qualifying customers to receive discounts on monthly telephone service. Qualifying customers will receive free cellular service, a free SafeLink Wireless cell phone and the assurance that they will get no bills and no contracts EVER! As a Rhino USA dealer, you can apply to become a Safelink Wireless authorized dealer.

Simple Mobile Solutions

Rhino USA is now a Simple Mobile Solutions Store Master Distributor. A Simple Mobile Solutions (SMS) store is the ultimate prepaid wireless retail store from TracFone Wireless, America's largest prepaid wireless company. SMS delivers everything you need in one complete retail package. From the most competitive rate plans to the latest smartphones, SMS lets you offer innovative solutions for every wireless need. Through Rhino USA, you can now apply to have your existing store converted into a SMS store!

SIM Cards

Rhino USA is a Master Distributor for Page Plus, Net10, Simple Mobile, Telcel, H2O and Red Pocket. We have SIM cards for these carriers readily available for ordering. Our Dealer Portals make it easy to place an order for SIM cards and have them shipped directly to your store.

Access Wireless
Airlimk Mobile
Cricket Wireless
H2O Wireless
Liberty Wireless
Life Wireless
Net10 Wireless
Page Plus Cellular
Pure Unlimited
Ready Mobile PCS
Red Pocket Mobile
Safelink Wireless
Simple Mobile
Total Call Mobile
Tracfone Wireless
Verizon Wireless

Access To All Major Carriers Plus Most Regional Carriers

As a Rhino Dealer, you will be able to sell prepaid plans from all of the major carriers plus many of the smaller regional carriers as well. This includes carriers such as Page Plus, Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, Simple Mobile, Net 10, H2O, Red Pocket, Speed Talk, Ready Mobile, Vast Telecom and many, many more. You will have hundreds of prepaid plans available for your customers to choose from.

Competitive Phone Pricing

At Rhino, we promise to always endeavor to give you the best pricing available to us, so that you can pass it on to your customers. This will allow you to better compete in the prepaid market place. Will we always be the least expensive on all the products and services we offer? No, not always. You can always find someone, somewhere, clearing out older inventory and selling at below cost prices. But, day-in and day-out, and product-for-product, you will find our pricing to be equal to or better than any of our competitors. Also, ask about joining the Rhino Buying Consortium to help you save even more money. For more information about the Rhino Buying Consortium, click here.

Extended Phone Warranty Coverage

Now you can offer your customers a premium protection plan for the phones they purchase. This is a great way to minimize the nightmares associated with warranty returns, and create an additional cash flow for you with no additional overhead. With no deductibles or hidden fees, you can count on us to take care of all your warranty needs.

Rhino Club Membership

By becoming a member of the Rhino Club, you will enjoy exclusive savings on purchases as well as special pricing on other exclusive Rhino services. Also, you will gain early pre-order access to certain phones to guarantee avaialability. Even more exciting is that by becoming a member of the Rhino Club, you will receive a complimentary upgrade to our advanced dealer portal with customer management, a $29.95 per month value!

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Become A Rhino Dealer

Whether you are an existing Dealer who may be considering joining the Rhino family, or someone wishing to become a Dealer for the first time, we would like to speak with you about this opportunity. Click one of the links below for a video overview, more information, or to signup today.

Become A Rhino Master Distributor

Rhino is now offering qualified Dealers or individuals an opportunity to become a Master Distributor. This opportunity exists in many areas throughout the United States. This is perfect for existing Dealers to expand and grow their prepaid business to the next level. Click one of the links below for a video overview, more information, or to apply today.

Join Our Buying Consortium

Rhino has always believed there is power in numbers. For that reason, Rhino has established a buying consortium consisting of Dealers, Master Distributors, POSA's and ISO's. To learn more about how you can become a member and save money on many of your wireless products, accessories and services, simply click the link below find out how to get started.

Interested In Becoming A Rhino Vendor?

Rhino is constantly searching for new products and services that could be distributed through our large network of Dealers, Master Distributors, POSA's and ISO's. With the robust Rhino distribution platform, most any product or service could be sold via our buying member network. To learn more about how you can become a vendor and offer your company's products and services to our consortium, simply click the link below to find out how to get started.